Launching of Mula Maldives

Launching of Mula Maldives

To celebrate the launch of Mula Maldives, a 3 Day Bodyboarding Challenge was held from 17th November 2021 - 19th November 2021 at Raalhugandu in Male' City, Maldives. The challenge was organized by Maldives Bodyboarding Association of Maldives (MBBA).

A total of 28 Bodyboarders from Maldives participated in the 3 day event. 

A total of MVR 25,000 in Cash Prize were awarded to the winners where the Champion received MVR10,000, Second place MVR7,000, Third place MVR5,000 and Fourth place MVR3,000.


The bodyboarders were judged by an expert panel of judges selected by MBBA. The Head judge was the National Ranking Champion of Maldives Ali Khushruwan Ahmed, followed by Ali Moosa, Yusree Abdul Jaleel, Mushan Adnan Moosa, Lujain Hassan and Thuthu Park.

After competitive heats on Day 3 of the Mula Bodyboarding Challenge, The four finalists were:

Mohamed Reeshan (Champion)
Inash Naeem (2nd Place)
Aamin Umar Moosa (3rd Place)
Ali Javed (4th Place)

The official launching ceremony was held on the 19th November 2021, after the finals. The event was graced by the First Lady, Fazna Ahmed, Minister of Tourism Hon. Dr. Mausoom, and the Deputy Minister of Youth, Sports and Community Mohamed Azmeel.

The first of Mula Maldives products were revealed to the public by Dr. Mausoom in the presence of the First Lady and the invitees to the event. SPF 50 Sunscreen lotion and After Sun Aloe Vera Gel were revealed to the public in a very remarkable event.

It is very inspiring to see a coral reef friendly product be introduced to the public. This is a product that is very relevant to the Tourism industry as well! remarked Dr. Mausoom

The closing ceremony for the Mula Bodyboarding Challenge held afterwards where by the awards for the winners were handed out by First Lady, Dr. Mausoom, Managing Director of Mula Hussain Nimal and Deputy Minister Azmeel.

First Lady appreciated Mula for coming out with a Reef friendly sunscreen which is so crucial to protect the environment and the marine life. She also complimented how tidy and clean the Raalhugandu area is maintained by all the surfers.


We would like to thank MBBA for organizing such a successful event, and special thanks to Abdulla Areef (President, MBBA), Ahmed Afnan (VP, MBBA), Ahmed Zaeem (Events Coordinator) along with the MBBA team for the immense support we received!

Special thanks to:
Maldives Bodyboarding Association
Liquify Maldives
Sound Squad
Various Art Studio
Muchas Gracias
Print Lab

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