About Us

Sunset Panorama

 an idea

The tiny paradise that lies on the equator with scattered islands across the beautiful Indian ocean is Maldives. With dreamy white sandy beaches and picture perfect turquoise water, Maldives experiences two monsoons that is Iruvai and Hulhangu, which you may know as Sunny and Rainy seasons. It is mostly sunny through out the year, hence popularized by the name - Sunny Side of Life. Being a tropical country, we did not have any sun care brands originating from Maldives, and this was what got our attention in 2014.

making our dreams a reality

The idea first came to our Founder, Nimal back in 2014, but did not have the sufficient resources he desired to bring the sun care idea to a reality. He wanted to deliver the best products that can compete globally. And so, he put the project on hold.

6 years later, with the help of his wife and co-founder Akko, because of the passion they had about about making it a reality, they began researching and scouting for the best manufacturers across Europe and Australia. After months of researching, they landed the perfect manufacturer from Australia, known to produce multiple namesake brands in the market. With this, Mula Maldives was born in 2020.

the founders

If you made it this far, thank you for reading through our journey!

We are a simple couple who has a passion for sun, sea and skincare. We believe that Maldives being a tropical country, it is essential to advocate for SPF and making sun care a part of our everyday life.

a brand you can trust

Sunscreens are categorized as therapeutic goods in the "Land Down Under". For this reason, all our products are certified by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia. 

not just another sun care brand

Our number one priority is to deliver high quality Sun care products without compromising the environment. With this in mind, we wanted all our products to be coral reef friendly, without Oxybenzone or Octinoxate, the two most harmful chemicals that damage the marine life.

We believe in protecting our precious home; the vast gardens of corals and the beautiful marine life. 

So when you buy a product from us, know that we are making a difference together!